Dyn Global FIC de FIA - Investimento no Exterior

Investment Objectives

The objective of the FUND is to provide its shareholders with an appreciation of their shares over the long term, investing at least 95% of its net asset in shares of DYNAMO GLOBAL MASTER FUNDO DE INVESTIMENTO EM AÇÕES - INVESTIMENTO NO EXTERIOR, which is also managed by Dynamo, subject to the prevailing legal and regulatory restrictions.

Investment Policy

The FUND will invest, up to 100% of its net assets in shares of the MASTER FUND. The MASTER FUND will invest in public company stocks located, mainly, in Europe and in the U.S. as well as in shares of index funds that are constituted in those jurisdictions. The MASTER FUND will also be able to invest in stocks from public companies or in index fund shares of other parts of the world, as long as those investments represent a smaller portion of the portfolio. When facing a good opportunity, the MASTER FUND will also be able to short sell stocks, in order to maximize long term results and reduce the PORTFOLIO’s volatility. Our short sold positions will be subject to the same geographical focus of the other investments. The MASTER FUND will also be able to invest using the derivatives market in order to protect positions in the cash market, the PORTFOLIO’S exposure or leverage. However, there is no obligation by the ADMINISTRATOR to hedge the MASTER FUND’s foreign exchange exposure. There are no limitations to the Master Fund’s investments in foreign financial assets, as stated in the fourth chapter of the Master Fund’s bylaws.

Prospective Clients

The FUND is destined, exclusively, to qualified investors, a category defined by CVM’s bylaws and has the Dyn Global Dólar Advisory FIC FIA – IE as the sole shareholder.

Risk Profile

Due to the high concentration of the FUND’s investments in shares of the MASTER FUND, as stated in its bylaws, the risks of the FUND are, predominantly, the same as the MASTER FUND. The MASTER FUND’s portfolio is subject to market fluctuations, credit risks, risks related to exchange rates and liquidity, as well as risks related to variations in asset prices. Those risks could get in the way of fulfilling the investment objectives described by the bylaws and they could cause a net worth loss for the FUND or the FUND’s investors, as well as a negative NAV. For further information on all the risks of being an investor in the FUND, please read the bylaws, using the link on the right side of the page.

Technical Information

Minimum investment: R$1.000.000,00

Minimum Additional Investment and Redemption: R$100.000,00

Investment NAV: Last business day of each month. (The subscription proceeds shall be sent to the fund´s account up to one day prior to the NAV Date.)

Redemption Conditions: Redemptions will be converted using the NAV of the last day of each month. Requests for withdrawals should be sent to the manager until the last business day immediately preceding that in which the respective redemption will be converted. The financial settlement of the withdrawal will occur 5 business days after the conversion (T+5).

Lock-up period: None.

Management Fee: 1,10% per year in the FUND + 0,20% per year in the MASTER FUND

20% of the gain that exceeds the quota converted to U.S. dollars adjusted by CPI-US (Consumer Price Index) plus 2.5% per year.* (please refer to the by-laws for a more detailed explanation).

Adjustment of Performance Fee: None

Income Tax: 15% of the nominal gain for Brazilian taxed investors and 10% for foreign investors incorporated in a non-tax haven.

Auditor: KPMG Auditores Independentes

Administrator: Dynamo Administração de Recursos Ltda.

Manager: Dynamo Internacional Gestão de Recursos Ltda.

Anbima Category: Equity

Inception date 29/04/2021

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